Non-Denomination Essay

Words: 2012
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In Him Church
Glendale, Arizona
Service Attendance Paper
Religion 315

Non-denomination, the not denominational denomination. In the past couple of decades the rise in non-denominational churches has been increasing greatly and are said to be the second largest group of Protestants (Moore, 2011). It is said that most that break off and become apart of this fast growing belief come from a protestant upbringing. The study shows that more people are determining on where to worship by how they like the nursery, if the worship music is good, is it close to home, rather than I am a Catholic I need to go to a Catholic Church. As of 2010, four percent of Americans fall into this non-denominational group (Thumma, 2010).
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This was a full band there was two bass, two electric, an acoustic guitar, drums, keyboardist, sax, trumpet, and one main female & male vocalist with 4 background singers. Not to mention during one song there was even an individual that came out and began to rap. Not my normal Catholic or Methodist Sunday worship. Coming from a mainly white church to join and view this mainly Hispanic church was a real big difference. You can tell when the pastor took the stage that he connected with his audience and could crack jokes being he was Hispanic also. I am Hispanic but I have not been around my own ethnicity and culture in years being that I am in the military and that I do not live any where close to my family or friends. Like any service we started with a prayer and welcoming. Then the pastor told us a quick story to bring us into his main sermon. He wanted us to remember Jesus and that this was the day he died for our sins. How we will never really feel the pain Jesus feels due to all the sins we commit. He took out a hammer and that beautiful painting that I mentioned that I saw when I walked in began to be destroyed. He said that the pain we feel as he strikes that beautiful painting is just a percentage of what Jesus feels. I began to cry because no matter what denomination I am attending, Jesus is Jesus and to think about such a powerful thing like that made me weak. He continued to destroy the painting breaking it into a million