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Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) searches for suffering or inflicted animals and try to save them. AWI was founded in 1951. They have expanded their work to address many other ways of saving animals. The AWI does many things to help animals, but especially companion animals. Many people would want to share their lives with a companion animal, like a cat or a dog, but not all of them get treated very nicely. During air travel most companion animals get lost or injured. For example, when you are in the luggage area to pick up your suitcase many animals get misplaced, stolen, or killed from heavy bags. Also, when a natural disaster occurs you need to take quick action to save yourself, but what about your pet? Many people leave their pets stranded in their dog house, during a tornado, so they get badly hurt or killed. Lastly, lots of dogs get chained to trees outside or poles in the city. Animal chaining is another big problem for pets. All over the US dogs spend most of their time outdoors by chains attached to collars and stalked to the ground. AWI keeps a look out for these kinds of situations and protect the animals when they can. AWI gives lots of suggestions and helpful ways to protect your pet and keep them safe. After they heard how airlines treat their animal passengers AWI set handling and care standards for the transport of animals. Also, when they saw that many pets were being killed because of natural disasters, AWI cautions all people to take their pets with