Non-profit Organization and Extra Help Essay

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Kyle Irving

I beileve yes, the non-profit should be staffed by volunteers. I say that because it helps build the organization strength and corporate on many different aspects. They are very useful and can take control of ownership that they proceed to have when they become noticible for the organization and association. Another reason is volunteers are an extra pair of hands for the company to do missions and tasks so everything can be done very quickly and organized. Some activites may not get done if their weren't any volunteers, so they are defintiely a great help and provide excellent assistance to the company itself. In addition volunteers give their time, experience, and skill to contribute to the business and association. Which is a big help for some companies because some may need the extra help. So yes, I believe that non-profit should be staffed by volunteers. It is an great extra help.

Some management challenges when dealing with paid vs volunteer staff are the hours the volunteer and paid staff will work. One will recieve money and one will not. Also the reasons why volunteer work and the reason why paid staff works. Volunteers work for the passion mainly and not for financial purposes. So that alone take stress off of the management back because they will not look for a raise or any type of money, they are working for the drive and passioin they have for the company. They are desired