Non-Profitfunding-Challenges Essay

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Nonprofit Funding: A Challenge Facing Human Services Organizations In these challenging economic times, nonprofits are struggling to raise funds necessary to continue to carry on quality services and programs with such an increased demand (Brill, 2012). Therefore, lack of funds is a basic example of a challenge facing the human service organizations today. This is a difficult task for the different human service agencies that needs support from sponsors or interested parties for funds. These human service agencies are learning the support cannot come from strictly governmental funding; they have to get funding elsewhere as well. According to Brill (2012); “Even during the best of times, the pressure, and cost, of constant fundraising can divert precious resources that might otherwise be used in direct pursuit of organizations' social-change agendas” (para. 1). To continue to provide services within their communities and be successful at it; human service organizations must start taking the initiative to obtain financial donations from other sponsors or donor for funds. This paper expounds on the challenge, solutions suggestions. This paper expounds on the technological tools that would assist in resolving the challenge, and finish up by expounding on how the possible impact the solution would have.
Challenges in Funding for Non-profits The main objective for any nonprofit is to provided services to a community without any profits. For this reason, many nonprofits look to outside sources and the government to fund the programs. Many times the money that comes through the agency is not enough to cover the expenses the organization may have in order to serve the population. Using government programs like grants, sponsorships, and other forms of financial aid can help, but often times if just not enough. On top of the lack of funds, there is also the genuine threat of budget cuts and policy changes. This makes it extremely important for nonprofits to find creative ways to find money elsewhere to help. Organizations become dependent on outside stakeholders to make donations. Many times outside stakeholders can have a