Essay about Non-State Actors Affected International Relations

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Non-State Actors: Have an ability to affect International Relations

1 Introduction
By the Peace of Westphalia ended the thirty years war, began the world politics and began the establishment of political system. There are global organizations controlled by states like United Nations (UN) and regional organizations which are the members from the nearest area with the same ideologies and take same principal of the organization like European Union (EU). Other side there are informal organization or also called Non-State Actors (NSA) that controlled by people from the states. Together they increase the world politics. NSA influenced the political systems also affected in the International Relations.

In this essay I would divided into
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NTC stated they need help to deal with Gaddafi's support. So the head of the Transitional Government of Libya called for NATO to extend their operations in Libya until the end of the year. Like Mustafa Abdul Jalil, the head of the National Transition Council said that the extension is needed to help the people of surplus weapons and oversee Libya facing proponents of Gaddafi. So NATO decided to extend the operations in Libya until the end on 31 October and delayed a final decision regarding the Organization's mission in Libya.

3 Non-State Actors in the International Relations
NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations)
The most organization that join and affect in International Relations is NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) which is transnational organizations of private citizens work with UN to help the associations, foundations, multinational corporations, or simply we can say that NGOs are internationally active group in different states joined together to work common interests.

NGOs in practice approach to diplomacy and conduct discussions with diplomats. They do approach as much as possible, as well as through the approach by giving advice or support to a diplomat to negotiate. This process also called “hallway diplomacy.” However, diplomats in participate conduct with International Relations. Diplomats gave a very important effect of the relationship of a State towards other States.

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