Non Verbal Castaway Essay

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Non-Verbal Paper - Cast Away

What we communicate linguistically only makes up 7% of what we are actually saying; non-verbal communication makes up the other 93%. The message is expressed primarily through non-verbal communication, (NVC). In communication with people close to us, our NVC can hold more emphasis than the verbal. NVC is communicated through ten primary channels and are often unconscious, multi-channeled, and continuous. The ten primary channels consist of: facial displays, eye behaviors, movements and gestures, touch, vocal, smell, space, physical appearance, time, and artifacts. Cast Away is a movie about a man, Chuck Noland, who is obsessed with time. His whole demeanor
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As he tries to break the coconut he is flailing about, desperately trying to grasp a workable concept. Same with when he tries to make fire, and catch fish. As he gets closer to an answer he becomes more focused and excited. He gasps for breath, his mouth forms closer to a smile than a frown. His posture becomes straighter with a rigid determination. His communication with ‘Wilson’ evolves overtime to shows how he learned to meet his need for interaction. In the beginning he is hesitant to talk to the volleyball. His voice catches, his body is curiously stiff and scared. His eyes display a fear that he is going crazy. Overtime he openly communicates with Wilson, liking him to a best friend. He begins discussion day to day activities, plans, strategies, Wilson becomes his right hand man. Even as he forges out to sea Wilson is with him. He vocally communicates with Wilson and non verbally communicates to the viewing audience the relationship he has formed with Wilson. His inflection in his voice, his pitch, and tone go from hesitant to comfortable. His gestures begin in the direction of Wilson, and evolve into gestures to Wilson. He begins to touch Wilson with an affectionate, care-giving touch. Finally, his connection between time and artifacts changes overtime. When he drifted ashore, he began to collect packages because it was important to him. It was instinct to give the packages significance because it was such a large part of his