Non verbal communication Essay

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“Action speak louder than words”- A hand sign, the glint of the eye, nodding one’s head while explain concerns are some of the examples that healthcare providers demonstrate their empathy and compassion through nonverbal communication. It is defined as the way people communicate without words through appearances, gestures, or tone of voice. We intend to use nonverbal communication from our early life as parents in our relationship with babies. Touch, facial expression, eye contact, baby’s cry, parent’s comforting sound are great examples of nonverbal communication that we can understand universally.
In my situation, sometimes this is difficult for me to put words in a language form that other could understand easily. In that case nonverbal communication gives me the options to communicate in a way that is appropriate and understandable for anyone. I certainly am going to get the benefit form this course in the future by using nonverbal communication effectively with patients and co-workers in my workplace. Understanding patient’s nonverbal communication will make my future profession easy and successful. It also will improve my social skills to get along with others. People judge me by my appearance and attitude at a glance, rather than what I am speaking- which I consider as a part of nonverbal communication. For instance, if I advice something to my teenage daughter, my good attitude and posture will do the most part to make her agreeable with me. My instructor’s posture, willingness to help and attitude has made me inspired to go through her advice for the improvement of this writing.
When we think about non verbal communication, body language comes first. It reflects people’s body attitude and movement. For example, in my childhood, I felt better when my mom gave me thumbs up or smile for good jobs and that accelerated my inspiration to work harder because of her good gesture.
Moreover, nonverbal massages are not always the same