Non verbal communication Essay

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Non-verbal Communication
Christine Garrison
June 8, 2015
University of Phoenix
Non-verbal Communication
Nonverbal communication has been a part of human society throughout history. There are many ways to communicate nonverbally through a person’s body language as well as the expressions on the individuals face. These can be a very powerful way to tell an individual how you feel as well as understanding another person’s feelings. Communication is an important part of or social growth as well as a major part of building a strong community.
Interpersonal Conversations
Many conversations that individuals have in a group or one-on-one will have some non-verbal communication while the individuals speak. The use of emotion cons assists individuals in having a form of nonverbal communication in emails as well as text messages that are received. A telephone conversation is proceeding you can tell certain items about the person by their “vocal characteristics such as pitch and tone are considered nonverbal signals”. (Evans, Uhlemann, Ivey, & Ivey, 2011) Nonverbal communication can also use in an individual’s body language as well as their facial expression. Interpersonal conversations are an important part of an interview process it is also useful when meeting and learning about people in different areas of the world as well as working with people from different backgrounds.
Nonverbal Communication equals more Information
People can convey more information with nonverbal communication that with verbal communication. When an individual is having a conversation with someone else they can convey the way the feel as well as other information that may not convey in translation without those simple clues to the other person. “Jedee Burgoon suggest that 65 to 70 percent of meaning comes from nonverbal clues” (Evans, Uhlemann, Ivey, & Ivey, 2011). The use of a simple smile or other facial expressions can tell an individual much about the person that they are having a conversation with as well as give more meaning to what the individual says. Often individuals will express messages through what they do with their body as well as how they sound or even smell.
Believability of Nonverbal Communication
When a person is having a conversation, it is harder for them to control their nonverbal communication rather than what they say verbally. “Nonverbal signals even when they conflict with words is especially critical for detecting deception, because people often display inconsistent verbal and nonverbal behaviors when they’re lying.” (Evans, Uhlemann, Ivey, & Ivey, 2011) when an individual is not telling the truth about a situation, there can be much nonverbal communication cues that will show the deceit such as nervous actions, dry mouth, or even a tense body.
Primary Means of Communication
Nonverbal communication happens to be the primary as well as the easiest way for a person to convey the way they feel to others around them. “Emotion is a powerful influence on our behavior, and our primary way of communicating how we feel is through our nonverbal behaviors.” (Evans, Uhlemann, Ivey, & Ivey, 2011) When a person sees another person crying the hint is that they are sad about something in their life. If you see someone slamming things