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Any lethal injection that causes cruel and unusual punishment should not be implemented

For inmates. The death penalty has been in practice prior to America being discovered.

Executing of an offender has been a popular method of punishment in past history for

Numerous different crimes. Some of the crimes that could result in execution were

Stealing, treason, rape and murder. Lynching, hanging, burning, firing squad, lethal gas,

Electrocution and lethal injection are just some methods of execution that have been used

To carry out a death sentence. Some of the past executions have been held in the public so

Everyone could watch. There have been cases brought against the Lethal injection as a

Method of execution can be viewed as cruel and unusual punishment, violating the Eighth

Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. But still somehow different states still used it.

So they might as well enforce it. However, the past methods of executions are dangerous

Towards the person you’re executing and yourselves. Especially lethal gas. You wouldn’t

Want to blow yourself up while trying to put another person to death. As well as the

Others I don’t agree with the three drug protocol either because of the mixing of

Chemicals and if not proper technique then it will cause pain. So the one that is suitable

Is the one drug that last longer and requires twitching. There’s no pain and no other

Reaction that can be dangerous or cause harm. Also, there are always going to be debates

And Supreme Court Cases held to see if the methods of execution of the death penalty

Violate human beings’ rights. If we don’t involve the lethal injection then nothing will

Be Resolved as far as making the world a better place for people to grow up and…