Nonverbal Codes In Social Interactions

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Every day we wake up and witness many social interactions around us . Some of these social interactions are nonverbal codes. Nonverbal codes are organized means of expression that consist of symbols and rules. However the main nonverbal codes that we use on daily basis are Kinesics,Haptics and Proxemics. These are two nonverbal codes that are mainly observed in social interactions. Kinesics is a type of nonverbal communication that is used by the body. The body includes things like facial expressions,gestures,posture,body movement , and eye behavior that determine if the nonverbal communication kinesics is being used. When I was sitting in the train I was looking around and I noticed a women with this furious face expression. The women started staring at this other women and they started arguing because of her face expression.Then after that the women started yelling and creating different hand gestures that informed the other person she wanted to fight. The person was very aggravated and while she was very aggravated she was representing two different types of kinesics, facial expressions and adaptors that showed how the women was feeling towards the other person.Kinesics has you see can be represented in social interaction like a fight, where one shows how they feel by using their body.