Nonverbal Communication and Eye Contact Essay

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1.2 When communicating with a child you have to take into account their age and what stage of development they are at. For instance when talking to young children it is best to get down to their level to gain eye contact and also so they do not feel intimidated by you. You must also adapt your tone of voice and talk in a manner they will understand so keep things simple and to the point, if giving out instructions you could use hand gestures to help you explain what you want them to do. When communicating with older children who will understand you better, you will need to change the way you talk to them and be enthusiastic when asking them do something or take part in an activity as they may be more reluctant and self - conscious about speaking in front of others. When working with children from a high school we can behave appropriately by talking to them at their level and with the respect we would expect from them. We should always be aware of our body language and show that we are interested in what they are saying .We should try not to be judgemental.

1.3 When dealing with disagreements between children and young people you need to find out exactly what has happened from the beginning. You should listen to each child’s version of what has taken place and make sure they know you are not taking sides. When everyone has had their say and you have come to the conclusion who was in the wrong, if anybody. Then you need to decide if apologies are required and if any further action needs to be taken. It is then best to explain to the child why what they did was