Nonverbal Communication and Friend Essay

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In this dialogue I am giving my friend some advice regarding the do’s and do not’s of nonverbal communication.

Me: Nonverbal communication is just as important as verbal communication; it can contradict or support verbal communication.
Friend: Really? So what are some do’s of non-verbal communication?
Me: Eye contact is a necessity in non- Verbal communication. (pp. 42)
Friend: Really? I never really thought that could affect speech so much! How so?
Me: Eye contact can portray a whole array of emotions and intentions. It is important to hold eye contact when talking to another person because it can be seen as disrespectful to do otherwise, especially in western middle class culture. If you are addressing someone and your gaze is in a different direction it portrays negative non-verbal communication like apathy and nervousness.
Friend: Wow! Thanks for the tip bud, other than eye contact what is something else I should do to help my non-verbal communication?
Me: Body orientation and posture are key when it comes to successful non-verbal communication. (pp.43)
Friend: I always felt like it did, but what exactly do I need to know about it?
Me: When talking to someone, facing towards them instead of a different angle communicates attention and trust. Facing away and not looking directly at them can relay a message of disinterest or disrespect. Leaning towards a person shows more interest compared to leaning back which can portray a lack of investment in the conversation and the person.
Friend: Now that I think about it, the way my body is positioned when talking to another person does send a message! I’ll make sure to have the correct posture when talking to people. Now that I have learned some of the positives in non-verbal communication what are some of the negatives.
Me: When it comes to non-verbal communication it is really easy to mess up and not even realize that your non-verbal communication is completely messing up what you saying verbally. To start touching a person the wrong way can warrant some really negative non-verbal communication. It is acceptable to pat someone on the back or go for a high five, but stroking someone you just met in a sensual way