Nonverbal Communication and Service User Essay

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Principles of Communication in Adult Social Care Setting.

People communicate to obtain and receive information, to get to know others and form relationships. In an adult social care setting communication is important to express and share ideas, feelings, needs, wishes and preferences.
Good communication with service users encourages participation in activities therefore promoting equality within the care setting. The service user can gain the trust and understanding from the care worker and therefore communicate with ease the needs they require. Good communication amongst staff encourages a better working relationship and ensures all tasks are completed to a high standard. Good communication between staff members is important to ensure problems are picked up and shared amongst staff and also resolved.
I can find out an individual’s preferred communication and language needs wishes and preferences by: asking the service user, reading their care plan, asking relatives and friends and also by asking colleagues.
Factors to consider
Verbal communication * Pitch – Make sure your pitch is not to loud but also that its not to quite that the service user can’t hear you. * Tone – Keep your tone polite, calm and collected if you sound defensive, angry or sarcastic as it could make conflict between you and the service user. * Language – Don’t simplify your language to much as you may seem like you are patronising the service user. Repeat and