Nonverbal Report Essay

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Nonverbal Report. For this paper we had to observe the nonverbal behavior of people in a public setting. The public setting, I observed was a party at my friend’s house on Saturday night. During any conversation, whether its dialogue between two close friends, or a conversation among several people at a party there is kinesics which is defined as facial expressions and gestures. You give someone permission to speak, encouragement to continue, or a message to stop talking through some non-verbal behavior like making or avoiding eye contact or head shaking or eye rolling. Now for paralanguage at a party, if you’ve ever smiled at an attractive member of the opposite or same sex if that’s what you’re into and received a warm smile in return, that wasn’t very much verbal communication to understand there was a mutual feeling between the two of you. For proxemics at a party I observed a lot from the way people used their space. Example, you have a shy girl at a party sitting in an empty space of the room clinging onto her drink, looking around avoiding eye contact with others and is alone, while there’s another woman drinking a drink, using a lot of space to dance and to smile and make googly eyes at all the boys. Now just by their body language you can assume which woman is more approachable and easy to start a conversation with just by observing the way they’re using the space in the room and not even speaking a single word to anyone. Also chronemics at the party I observed a male trying to seduce a female over the time they started talking at the beginning of the party, towards the end of the party. All I saw was her shake her head no and walk away with her friends. Even though