Nordstrom Human Resource Paper

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Nordstrom’s employees and management are the company’s most valuable resource. An article written in the Seattle PI describes exactly why this is true. It states that, “Nordstrom salespeople make decisions as if managing their own business; they are trusted to do what is right. Everyone else in the company is there to help the sales staff make the sale and please the customer” (Mulady, 2009). The way the employees are treated and valued is a perfect portrayal of the company’s mission of providing the best possible customer service and value to the customer.
Even though the salesperson is the front man for the company, the human resource and management team act as the glue that holds the company together. The president of
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Nordstrom was also the first among their direct peers in fashion-specialty retail to print on Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified paper with 30 percent recycled content.

Recruitment, Selection and Training
The company’s goal is to attract the best talent, so it makes good business sense to recruit from a diverse population. They achieve this by utilizing targeted media, job fairs, community organizations and college placement centers. Each of these methods helps the company find the individuals who support Nordstrom’s goals and values.
The recruiting process is typically done online, where candidates can apply for job opportunities. Depending on the position, one will either start the online application process or be asked to submit a resume. Than the individual, whom skills and abilities match an open position, will be contacted by a recruiter, department manager or human resources assistant. After an initial conversation, a decision will be made. If there is a potential fit the person will set up an additional interview time where they will meet physically.
Diversity Training forms an important part of Nordstrom's diversity efforts. The company had an Executive Vice President who looked after Human Resources and Diversity Affairs. In addition, Nordstrom had another Vice President who