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Officer Application Form for
Humans of Smithson Valley
Please attach this form to your Membership Acceptance Form on Friday 12/12/14 to Ms. Leach in room A115. Shortly after all applications have been reviewed those who will be in the running for an officer position will be notified and expected to give a speech to the whole organization for a membership vote. Further details will be provided, for now the upcoming speech is “heads up”.

Circle one officer position that you are applying for:
*All officer positions are equal in ranking; there is no hierarchy of importance. Every officer is equal.
Vice President- Assist president(s) in organizing, planning, and creating events
Secretary- Record the content, time, information of every club meeting and event
Treasurer- Keep track of money
Publicist- Update all technology outlets of club (website, reminds, Instagram etc…) with new information and upcoming meeting/event information
Historian- Photographer of our events, create end of the year scrapbook
Records Keeper- Log the service hours of every member, handle associated paperwork. Contact organizations we plan events with Please answer the following questions honestly:

What activities, events, projects, etc… do you think will best help The Humans of SV achieve its mission (recall mission statement)?
*** Obviously community service is pivotal to achieving our (the humans of SV) mission. However, this statement is already so evident that it can go unsaid. Which is why I will chose to present project ideas that are fun, and a great way to endorse the principals of environmentalism and humanitarianism.
1.) Upcycle plastic bags
a. Plastic bags are a norm for you average shopper, so collecting them would not be an issue. We could make them into a variety of different items and give them as gifts to our teachers, or sell them… pretty much anything to keep them out of landfills.
2.) Cleaning up the school!
a. This is pretty straight forward. Our school, as nice as it is on the inside, can get pretty grungy on the outside, especially after sports events. We should help clean up, that’s all 
Have you volunteered/worked for/know of any local organizations that could benefit from The Humans of SV’s help?
*** Over the summer I volunteered and worked at little oaks day care. I know the boss, Mrs. Lynn, very well and I would be more than happy to discuss possible service opportunities with her. I also volunteered at many animal clinic who are always welcoming volunteers. Which global environmental or humanitarian issue do you think is the most important to resolve? Will you take action to mitigate this issue?
*** In the United States, women only earn 78.3 cents for every dollar earned by men. Schools across the nation condone the “boys-will-be-boys” mindset by enforcing female-skewed dress codes. In Yemen, being a child bride is considered a social norm. African women are subject to genital mutilation as a means of reducing their “sexual appeal”. All of these problems are why the feminist movement must become the strongest it has ever been. Social equality has, and will continue to be at the top