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November 1, 2012
Reading/Writing 3a
Do zoos do more harm than good?
Have you ever visited zoos? Currently, zoos are usual in the world, so I believe most of us have gone to zoos and visited various animals. Moreover, a number of animals live in there including some endangered species. However, do you know a majority of animals in zoos live half than their normal life expectancy out in the wild? What cause it happened? I do believe zoos may have many negative influences for animals because of following reasons.
First, zoos often offer limited room to animals. Some animals need to live in a huge space so that they can exert their instinct and habitual nature. However, the average enclosure in zoos is smaller than their minimum home range in the wild. Meanwhile, only several congeneric animals live together in the limited room so that make them feel boring and lonely. As we can see, the rooms that animals live in just like an iron cage without nature circumstance. I always saw them was sleeping or pacing, they cannot do some inherent habits because this is simulative environment instead of their natural habitats.
Additionally, zoos always train animals to do tricks to entertain visitors. Have you ever seen the dolphin take off to through a circle then falling into water? When they finished their performance, they can achieve their foods. It seems like dolphin just an employee in zoos rather than animals. Actually, such phenomenon is usual in