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Normal Nuts
ENC 1101 (02)
Informative Essay (Surprise Reversal)

Television host, actor, and comedian Howie Mandel is married with three children but is most recognizable for his role on America’s Got Talent but did you know he also suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (Mandel). A common misconception in society is that someone with a mental illness cannot function normally in society and needs to be locked up in an institution. It is often forgotten that mental illnesses are in fact, actual medical conditions and not just a word used to label crazy people. Some mental illnesses that people have stigmas about are Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, and Schizophrenia. In actuality people with mental illnesses can hold jobs, have families, and lead productively lives once treated properly (Fisher & Ahern). Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD is a sort of anxiety disorder that causes a person to become obsessed with whether certain things are dangerous, dirty, wrong, etc. These thoughts cause them to form compulsions to assure themselves that their fear will not come true (Kids Health). Experts believe OCD is caused by an imbalance of the chemical serotonin to the brain and it is believed to be transferrable through genetics (Kids Health). Doctors used to think OCD was rare but it has actually been discovered that as much as 3 in every 100 persons have OCD but with treatment can live symptom free (Kids Health). Take for instance comedian Howie Mandel who leads a very successful life yet until a couple of years ago many people did not realize he suffered from OCD and actually experienced the symptoms daily. Mandel has adapted to his disorder and has learned to overcome much of his phobia and is able to live happily with his wife and kids with the help of medication (Mandel). People with Disorder are thought to have multiple personalities but really Bipolar Disorder is a radical change in mood, usually a manic period followed by a period of depression (Weinreb). It is known that Bipolar Disorder is related to the genetic makeup of DNA which causes a chemical imbalance in the brain. Bipolar Disorder is often considered rare when in reality it affects approximately 27 million people worldwide (Weinreb). It has often been speculated that Britney Spears suffers from Bipolar Disorder ever since then and although she was once thought to be crazed she is now a judge on FOX hit television show X Factor. She has managed to keep the manic episodes under control most likely with the help of medication and therapy she is as successful as ever. It is common for people such as Ms. Spears to not want reveal their diagnosis although Bipolar Disorder is treatable through therapy and medication (Tartakovsky). Schizophrenia is another mental illness that many people hold stigma to but do not fully understand. It is true that without proper medical attention someone with Schizophrenia can be delusional and paranoid which can cause disturbing thoughts that often time lead to radical behavior (Chang). Schizophrenia just like OCD and Bipolar Disorder is related to related to a person’s DNA but it has also been discovered that an individual’s environment can play a role in the development of Schizophrenia (Chang). Many years ago it was thought to be impossible to lead a “normal” life with Schizophrenia, yet studies have shown that approximately 30 percent of people have substantially recovered from the illness, enough to even maintain jobs (Lillienfeld & Arkowitz). Improvements in medicine and therapies that help to target some of the main symptoms of Schizophrenia, as well as developing support groups with families and friends have helped many to recover from Schizophrenia (Lillienfeld & Arkowitz). Interviews done by the Leap Institute show that it is possible to move past the depths of Schizophrenia and learn to manage it to the point where you can live normally. Although the symptoms are never