Normandy Invasion Turning Point

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The Normandy Invasion, otherwise known as D'Day was a horrific battle fought on the beaches of Normandy, France. This gruesome battle was the turning point in World War II that has changed history, forever. The Allied forces were victorious during the Normandy invasion, a major turning point in WWII, also known as the most gruesome battle in history where new military tactics were devised. The Normandy Invasion was one of the most gruesome battles in history. Being the largest sea born battle ever and one of the major turning points in WW2, this battle is very much remembered. The battle was planned together by the Allied Forces for years before the attack actually happened. The Normandy Invasion or D'Day made a great …show more content…
Fought between the Greek City-States and the Persian Empire, made it a very fierce fight. More than 40 Greek war ships were destroyed, as well as 200-300 Persian war ships destroyed in combat. After fighting for many weeks, the Greeks came upon a long fought victory over the Persian Empire. Omaha beach is one of the hardest assault to conquer during the battle. The 29th infantry division were deployed on Omaha beach which spanned a 5 mile region, to be unexpectedly surprised by German forces. They were meant to conquer the beach and regroup with British forces coming so runs from another beach, but was dismantled when the attack was executed. The German defenses were much more powerful and heavy than the other beaches. It held off the 29th infantry division, and made the Allies to call for back up. Every assault that was planned failed, unexpectedly. More men, vehicles, and equipment were brought at Omaha than any other of the beaches. This caused the most U.S. causalities than all of the other beaches combined, making this beach the most recognizable feature of the Normandy Invasion. It took a very long time for engineers and vehicles to disable mines and obstacles before entering onto the shore. It was not until the end of the day when the Allies finally took over two German outposts and eventually fought their way through the German