Essay about Normandy Landings and Unforgettable Memories

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That day was a nightmare, even after seventy years I can’t wash away these unforgettable memories. It was the day I changed forever. The day I will never forget. It was D-day. we were in a long line of men waiting to board our landing craft that would take us to juno beach. We were all lucky to hear that we going to be in the second wave, few minutes later we found out that our beach is going to be the best defended and would probably have the worst casualty rating of them all and then we all came under one another like a kangaroo and its joeys. When I see the fear on the faces of the men around me I thought it was the judgement day. Some started whispering prayers. Others were mad with adrenaline, eye bloodshot and full of rage. Screamed the command officer like a lion roaring, “Keep moving, keep moving!” The sounds of men being sick echo through my head. Watching the sea rise and fall and the barrage balloons drift across the dim morning sky and asked my god to save me this time I would never do it again.
As i jumped from the landing craft the sand of the beach spread out in front of me. As bullets whizzed by, the whistles of the ships artillery as their shells fly over head. After thirty seconds shouted the driver of the landing craft over the sound of the explosions. "GET YOUR HEADS DOWN,” I fell to the ground. I lay there for a second, getting myself up ‘BOMB” a bomb short. I felt the spray of blood lash against my cheeks as bits off flesh drop from the sky