Normative Social Influence

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Normative social influence is basically conforming in order to be accepted or liked by a group. This is due to the fact that for some reason people long to be in a social group of some sort. When an individual resist normative social influence the first things that would happen is that the group would try to being you back into the group, what they do is try to increase communication with you in hopes that this would work. They would use tactics such as teasing comments and or long discussions in hopes of figuring out why you are acting the way you are and they would try to get you to conform to their expectations. If this does not work they would then say negative things about you and start to withdraw from you in other words they regret you. …show more content…
Informational social influence is basically when we copy what others are doing which is mainly done when we are put in a situation where we do not know how to behave. So with that informational social influence kicks in because we assume those around us know what they are doing. People tend to care a lot about what others think about them so with informational social influence it gives one a safe course of action and it makes you feel that you wont be criticize for your actions because that is what everyone else is doing at that time. Then you have normative social influence which is when you conform in order to be accepted or liked by a group it has nothing to do with you actually believing the things they say or do you just wasn’t to be accepted. I would think that normative social influence would be more effective in persuading people to conform because everyone has a tendency to want to belong to some form of social group. It’s some form of social obligation to want to fit in. With informational social influence you only tend to do what you have to do when you are put in a situation so it would be more effective with normative because people have a need to be apart of