North America Essay

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Native America, from the colonies of the British Empire

A group of adventure seeking aristocrats and puritans (the prominent religion at the time) intended on spreading the word of god to the savages of the new world crossed the ocean for the opportunity to occupy land of their own. Landowners being the new aristocracy for the new continent known as the American colonies. Looked at as a step below a pure English men feeling unworthy by the crown. Pushed on in the name of the British Empire for generations. Increasing this rift between the now Englishmen and American colonists. Denying them even, the full right to their heritage. Leading to the American Revolution and the formation of a new nation (men who did not want pay their taxes). The questionable equality of the new World with the Continuation of the occupation of the Native Americans and of British norms like slavery. Decided to claim their independence for individual freedoms by oppressing two different civilizations. With the growing nation pushing at more lands that are native and continued participation in the slave trade. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" As long as you are Christian and white, this would hold true for some. As the colonies went from small villages to larger towns high skilled craftsman and artisans would make their own variations from art, to architecture and handcrafted items such as furniture and homes, build hand made by the individual trades from essential to unwanted. From that it, formed new businesses and industries, as history would evolve. From the concept of elected officials of citizens, public newspaper, both used for the agendas of the crown and the colonies alike. The distance between England and the colonies allowed them to have some freedom. They build furniture sold goods etc. but in order to receive the necessary items to make these goods, the crown taxed them to even produce them. The American colonies now 13 states tried to keep their livelihood ago and still appeased the crown and the growing number of taxes and restrictions. In the colonies, everyday life was focused, on family the church, and the local community. Americans tended to be attached to the cultures of their home regions. These cultures were based on oral transmission and helped link Americans with a strong sense of community based on a medieval worldview. The community outweighed the needs of the individual. Though some commercial agriculture arose, the majority of rural North Americans were self-sufficient farmers, practicing a diversified agriculture and engaging in various crafts. In cities, artisans were organized according to the European craft system with periods of apprenticeship leading to a journeyman status and the chance to be an independent craftsman with apprentices and journeymen of his own. Unlike in Europe, land in America was abundant and cheap. But this scarcely led to a democratic society. Forced labor, whether of African slaves or white contracted servants, was considered acceptable. Both classes suffered great hardships. Although some servants eventually won freedom and prosperity,