North America and Its Violent Culture Essays

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North America and Its Violent Culture Massacres occur around the world, but for it to occur and continue occurring in a first world nation like the US, which has already achieved a system of freedom and democracy, is bizarre. You cannot blame the US for every massacre that occurs, but could you blame the culture for some? Although I am not denying that one must be predisposed to commit such atrocities, North America’s sick culture of violence, weapons, and the enforcement of stereotypes is a consistent contributing factor to peoples break in reality. In the modern era, technology, specifically media, now runs peoples lives. The latest trend of what is or is not cool is constantly in motion, and if unwilling to adapt, you will be left behind. The media influences folkways and what society considers the norm. To do so, advertisements are placed in many places such as movies, TV, the web, phones, banners and much more. Stereotypes are influenced through these forms of media from birth. The first few movies seen are typically Disney, and within these movies, the content is completely stereotypical. The man/prince who is tough and courageous saves the woman/princess who is scared and helpless. If someone is incapable of following this norm which is constantly being enforced, they are marginalized, become loners, and a so-called “loser”. After a person has been mentally abused and broken down to a certain extant, has a predisposition to a mental illness, is around a culture that promotes violence (Through movies and events like the UFC) and has easy access to weapons, then it is essentially like waiting for a time bomb to hit 0 and not expect it to explode. It is my belief, and that of many others, if North America did not promote the trends that are being promoted today, there would be a much lower rate of murder and crime today. Even if people did not commit massacres, and we excluded people with an illness, many mentally healthy people are in prison for violent related crimes today. 1% of the US population is imprisoned which is more than any other country in the world. Society today moves so fast and carelessly, that the majority of people seem to be trapped in this social…