North American Methods Of Communication Essays

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North American Methods of Communication

One way that Netflix’s management team could go about developing a better communication strategy is by integrating a North American sense of cultural communication. The people living within our low-context culture tend to be more impatient and expect an emphasis on straightforwardness and openness. While Netflix was experimenting with their price changes, they did not go about it in a professional manner that was fitting to the style of culture their target audience was a part of. Frequently when Reed Hastings (CEO) made formal statements about the upcoming price change for Netflix, he was never fully clear on why this change was occurring. This caused there to be constant negative feedback from the consumers due to the poor communication by Reed Hastings, and the Netflix organization, to the current users. In other cases some of the subscribers had to find about the changes to their Netflix account through social media before they were informed via email. This being a very unprofessional mistake made by the Netflix organization, caused them to aggravate many of their consumers creating a loss. Netflix’s customers were essentially being caught off-guard by all of the vast changes being made, and in a North American culture you can’t do that and expect loyalty retention. This is why developing a North American sense of communication throughout this company is essential for its growth, because they must be able to see eye to eye with their consumers for future success. Not only will enhancing Netflix’s communication towards low-context cultures be beneficial to their consumers, but it will also be extremely beneficial to the organization as a whole. This will be due to the fact that it will give a good imagine for Netflix, because they will be represented as a company that is very clear and concise about their goals set ahead for the future. Especially when wanting to attract new customers, having a direct and open communication strategy will allow for consumers to have a firm grasp of your business causing them to become more open to investment. Therefore by developing a greater sense for North American communication methods, Netflix will be able to retain their consumer’s trust and ensure the future of its profitable business.

Reader-Focused Messages

Like any other business, Netflix is extremely dependent on their customer satisfaction and consumer relationships. Due to their “pay per month” business strategy it is very easy for Netflix to gain and lose subscribers at the drop of the hat depending on the level of customer satisfaction they are producing. An important tactic for when reaching out to your consumers is to make sure that the message you are…