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My goal is to become a professional makeup artist. I want to be world known. I want people begging me to beat their face and have a waiting list booked up for months. I want to be your favorite celebrity personal makeup artist and every year during New York Fashion Week every model would have had her face done by me. I also want to develop and run my own makeup line and even own several salons. North Carolina A&T would help me achieve these goals because of your wonderful business majors and the network I would be exposed to. As a high school student, I have applied my passion for styling to both my own personal style and explored professional opportunities. To strangers I may seem introverted. However I tend to express myself through my hair and makeup design. I love colorful hair and exaggerated makeup. Whenever I get a chance I like to add a streak of color here and a little bit of blush there. Just something to represent my bubbly but shy personality. Theatrical modeling has also helped me overcome my shyness. There's just something about getting on stage performing in front of hundreds of people that gives me a powerful rush. I have some professional experience. I joined a modeling team at my school and another modeling organization in my area which required commitment and dedication. I've done hair and makeup on small photo shoots and makeup at a local fashion show. All of this taught me time management and I learned different techniques from