History Of The Civil War

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Category | North | South | West | Midwest | Political | Factory got much help when machines were created | After the war they were very motivated to rebuild everything that was hurt by the war and mostly worried about rebuilding the factories | There was a lot of friction between the immigrants who came from china and the white settlers that were there, which created many riots and discriminatory laws. | Farms were mostly politically involved | Social | Families started looking for employees outside of their house | After the civil war their social standing was destroyed but over time it got better | One of the big social impacts was the railroad because it started many fights and arguments. | There were many campaigns that took place | Economic or type of economy | Mainly relied on Agriculture | Just like the north they mainly relied on agriculture | It was mostly based on natural resources. | Was mainly based on manufacturing and farming | Population change | There was a decrease and factories and businesses were looking for people to work for them | After the civil war the population went down, and there weren’t to many jobs which made many of the people move | The population growth was led by governmental policies. | After the Chicago railroad was done being built the population increased because it allowed many people to travel with the goods they needed to travel with | transportation | They had canals, roads and railroads made shipping a much faster thing | The