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North Korea Tests 3rd “Nuke” In today’s society warfare is always a scare. It is especially a scare when you wake up to the news saying one of your enemies is testing a nuclear bomb powerful enough to harm many innocent lives. This act done by North Korea is completely unacceptable and something should be done to prevent them from testing more and more weapons of mass destruction. After each test is performed over in North Korea, the Koreans celebrate the success of the production of these deadly bombs. The United Nations has to stand against these tests and make sure that these things don’t happen in the near future. Our ally, China, was also bothered by the 3rd test in recent time. This warfare is starting to get out of hand and there might be a call of action by one of the allied powers towards North Korea. Many believe that this test was a direct threat to the United States. This has been put into many minds of Americans for the simple fact of the bomb being extremely smaller than the last one, but with great explosive power. This could symbolize the future attack by North Korea towards the United States by way of a missile. The miniature atomic bomb will then be attached to the missile and then who knows where the Northern Koreans would aim it. In many past experiences the United States and North Korea have not necessarily been in agreement with each other. For example, the two countries have been in a quiet war since the Cold War. Since the Cold War, American politics have been viewed badly by the Koreans. North Koreans believed that the U.S has been threatening them with many different things. This is said to be the cause of the third nuclear test set off in North Korea. Although the Koreans say the test was justifiable, it was not. This test was not at all justifiable because of the agreement stated by the United Nations. The United Nations is a group of nations that was created directly after World War II. There are a total of 193 member states in the United Nations. Do not let this fool you; although the United Nations are made up of 193 members, the United States alone makes up about 80 percent of the defenses. The U.N. decided to keep world peace after the Second World War, which is exactly the opposite of what North Korea is doing. This is why I believe North Korea should be fatally punished for threatening as well as illegally testing a nuclear weapon. The United Nations told North Korea that there were to be no more nuclear tests, attempting to calm the weapons of mass destruction around the globe. North Korea seems to be disagreeing with the United Nations because they continue to threaten the United