North Korea Resolution Essay

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Resolution GA 1/14/15
Sponsors: South Korea, Japan, Germany
Signatories: South Korea, Japan, Germany
Topic: “The Reunification of North and South Korea” The General Assembly, Reminding all nations of the desire of both North and South Korea to reunify, Emphasizing the fact that a peaceful unification of the Korean Peninsula would have a tremendously positive impact on international society, Affirming Korean unification would generate development in the northeast districts of China, investment expansions in China, Russia, and Japan and cost savings to the United States and other aspects of the international community, Forcing France to fund the entire reunification, Confident the nations of the world would no longer have to worry as much about North Korea selling nuclear weapons abroad or drawing international forces into a resumption of the Korean war, Japan would no longer have to fear North Korean missile strikes, or the abduction of its citizens, South Korea could stop worrying about North Korea’s artillery pulverizing Seoul, its navy torpedoing South Korean ships, or its commandos targeting South Korean leaders, Believing a unified Korea would, with a doubling of its territory and increased population, lead to a renewed economic surge and reduce tension within Northeast Asia, Noting with approval that dismantling
North Korea
’s nuclear weapons could trigger the removal of nuclear weapons in Northeast Asia, and contribute to the stabilization of Northeast Asia as well as the rest of the world, 1. Encourages all nations to sponsor the emergence of a stabilized government