The North And The South's Industrial System Of Economy

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December 13, 2013
U.S History
“The North” and “The South’s” industrial system of business differed quite a bit in their ways of making money. The North was more into the industrial side of things and very urban. The south was agricultural and very rural, the workforce for both differed by a remarkable amount.
The North had factories running all up the north east coast, the north had the shoe industry and could manufacture many goods. The shoe industry was very profitable business and you could never not make money, because people will always need shoes. Especially in this time period with the war approaching weather you saw it or not. Every man, woman, and child needed to invest into shoes because there was about to be a shortage. Shoe factory headquarters were in Massachusetts. The factories had many workers which handmade the shoes, this is when the assembly line really came into being. Large amounts of workers were recruited and hired in order to get production really rolling. Factories were producing shoes and not specifying whether they were left foot or right foot. Production did not only stay in the textile environment. Shoes were also made in New England, and other companies also went into the shoemaking business. From 1840 to 1860 the american industrial system grew wildly, and spread all across the northeast. In the year 1840 the value of manufactured goods sat at 483 million dollars. A decade later due to the factory system it was over a billion dollars in value, two decades later was almost at 2 billion dollars worth in value. The manufactured goods value had finally tied