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The French and North American revolution had very similar goals from 1775-1850CE but were different in their outcomes in the revolutionary process. From 1775-1850CE the North American and French revolutions had very similar goals. North America’s revolution was to gain freedom from Great Britain. This was due to Great Britain completely controlling all of the 13 Colonies’ laws. For example, Great Britain enacted the Quartering act in 1765 which required the colonists to provide housing for the British soldiers. Another great example of the unfair British rule was the Sugar, Tea, and Stamp act which imposed harsh taxes on sugar, tea, and publications and legal documents. These taxes were imposed on the colonies so that Britain could relive their debt from the Seven Year’s War and the French and Indian War, without directly taxing itself. All of this was done without consulting with the colonists. While the 13 Colonies wanted independence from Britain the French also wanted independence from the current monarchy of King Louis XVI. The French government was also trying to recover its war debt. Their solution to this was to tax the nobles which had been held exempt from this in the past. This caused an outrage and a very radical revolution. The French created the National Assembly which set liberty, equality, and fraternity as its goals. The French and North American revolutions had different outcomes in 1775-1850CE. The French revolution leads to a completely new government and set of laws known as the Directory. However it came to an abrupt end in 1799 when General Napoleon Bonaparte sized power. Napoleon named himself consul for life in 1802 then Emperor in 1804. Napoleon then made peace with the Roman Catholic Church and made a deal with the pope called