Nostalgia Case Study

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B) A sense of nostalgia through object’s narratives Apart from objects’ imperfections, the survey respondents indicate their interest towards the nostalgic sensations of secondhand objects. In this case, the nostalgic indulgence occurs when they purchase either secondhand retro or vintage products. Heike Jenb; who study about vintage fashion, defines vintage and retro as a “construction of past images and historic looks which can be achieved with original objects as well as with new ones that look historic” (qtd in Veenstra and Kuipers, 2). Rather than prolonging the past history, consumers purchase these goods to re-appropriate and re-invent its value in the current period of time. Here, secondhand retro or vintage objects allow individuals to shape their personal narratives and does not merely indulge in the past history of the objects.

Although the term ‘nostalgia' is seen as a reflection of the past, the nostalgic experience in secondhand goods is able to construct ones’ personal narratives and identity. In this case, the primary study found that responders who are categorized under generation Z
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Nowadays, Hock Siong & Co specializes in retailing secondhand products such as furniture, homecare, kitchenware and lighting. With the motto of embracing the imperfection, each product is kept in its original conditions to preserve the authenticity. However, the company offers a refurbishment to re-value the products and gives a more personal and attachment feeling for their customers. Apart from retail activity, Hock Siong & Co also uses media to share their story, and engage more consumers to be involved in secondhand practice. According to, consumers are able to share their story of acquiring the products, their reasons of purchase and the grooming rituals that they