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Years ago, a man was crucified for saying he was God’s Son. His name was Jesus Christ. Those who followed his teachings were named Christians; and Christians soon resented Jews for their sinful act. This tension between Christians and Jews lead to increasing hatred for one another. Not too long ago, anti-Semitism was common. Anti-Semitism led to the death of an entire population during the Holocaust. Luckily, the church has taken measures to rectify this anti-semitism with the publication of Nostra Aetate. In 1965, the Vatican II Council completely transformed the church’s policies and theology with this document. Nostra Aetate signifies “In Our Time.” Indeed, in our time, the ill sentiments towards Jews have changed tremendously. Nostra …show more content…
This committee promotes the communication between Muslims and Catholic, and meets once a year to study together. They pick a theme from the point of view of the two religions, and “discuss the current situation of relations between Christians and Muslims.” They also try to identify where tensions and conflicts occur between the two groups. Such behavior, was uncommon prior to Nostra Aetate. It is unbelievable that these two groups can come together to not only discuss their issues but to an end to them. Nostra Aetate has been revolutionary in the changes regarding religious relations. Organizations have been formed for the sole purpose of educating people on religion. Universities make religious classes mandatory. Nostra Aetate is also important because the Catholic Church sets an example for all of its followers. If the Church accepts all religions, then maybe all Catholics will start to feel the same. Nostra Aetate has of course not destroyed all unwelcoming feelings towards religions, but it has at least decreased the criticisms. It has surely been a momentary document “in our time.” | |

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