Not A Controlled Person

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I wish I can be very busy of doing things I like to do, meanwhile, make myself too busy to think negatively.

Things that frustrated me the most is nothing more than hate myself not doing good enough, not experiencing the excitement of life enough, not feeling confident enough, not clearly known what I really want enough, or known a lot of what I want to do, but feel restrict of taking action, feeling stuck!

OH, AND NOT A STRONG MINDED PERSON! Too easy to be carried away by people and things around.

I sit in the toilet and think, what is restricting me. It’s me, myself. I want many many things, well I don’t remember other people ever mention to me how greedy they are when it comes to life experiences, but I assume I’m normal. What’s ironic is that I put little or no effort into achieving things I want, but spend a lot of time being negative and create wired atmosphere between people, people who love me. I’m lack of a lot very basic work skills (whatever people call it), for instance English skills. Not knowing enough words, reading and writing skills doesn’t help me achieving any of my goals and jobs in my interest area… Another thing is computer and basic admin skills like speed typing or document presentation. These skills are essential for whatever I want to do.

Ok, let’s see what else is restricting me. MY MIND. I want something, I will need to put effort and go into it, like study a course or something. But the thought of saving money in bank account