Conformity Essay

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As human beings in a society based enviroment that we do not control indivauly we have a very fine line between our true selfs and the indivualitie and conformity. Conformity is essential to life, for one reason being the we are a society and we function as a whole if we as each indiviual altered that things like justice and polictics would not exist they would crumble without confimity. Although i may not personally agree with how we have been taught to conform to such excess Conformity is also natural, it is us as humans meeting our needs for example maslows paramid of hiearchy therory acceptance as one of humans most important goals in life. we automaticlly want to elong, However in modern terms this acceptance can only be obtained by going further han naturaal confomity we have societys llarger specturm and we tand to fallow the need to have the same trends styles and personal taste as others to fit in conformity can also be a physiclogival shelter also mentioned in mslows thereory of needs, If we do not know what to do and are scard we naturally flow the steps and or ask for direction from someone who seems as though they do have more knowlegeg than self and we naturally beleve they have the correct

Indiviualit like conformity is esssiatial to life even tho modern may social belieffs and acceptable acts may not appricaite the value of being an indiviaul ,
At some level we do want to be different from all the rest of those people around us . maybe it is choosing to like something different from your ggorup of piers or dressing differently or maybe greater than that we may find courage to form and speak of our opinions on what we really feel and desire Howveer sooner or later we are foced to curb our spontanueous desriee so that we are not labelebd by sociaty weird or eccentric and its brings this back full circle to acceptance. at some rank we stop our desires to prusure something strane to our medern day to be true to our self and we give that up to be like every one else around us and to be