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Nicolas Lum
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The theme of Anti- Semitism is consistent throughout Merchant of Venice, Shakespeare makes it clear with the Trial scene involving Antonio, the merchant who borrowed money, and Shylock, the jew who lent money. In this scene the Duke is already displeased with the terms of the already illegal bond, but cannot find a way to help Antonio. So the introduction of disguised Portia helps to deceptively ease the amount of anti-semitism. Shylock did not get a fair trial but did get a just one, he was swindled out of the prize he wanted and deserved, however it was just because he tricked Antonio into an awful agreement just because he doesn't like him.
Shylock’s trial was unfair as the Duke himself already has a biased towards Shylock. To the Duke Shylock is “an inhuman wretch,incapable of pity” (Shakespeare 4.1.4-5). This is the very start of the trial scene when the Duke clearly expresses his distaste for Shylock, and willingness to help Antonio. This is also a direct expression of Shakespeare's anti-semitism, because Shylock is a representation of the Jewish people. Shylock represents the Jews because his character has every stereotype that Shakespearean era people had at the time. The biased from the Duke does play a role in his decision making, the Duke finds nothing legally wrong with the bond, but is stubborn to give Shylock the victory.
Despite not getting a fair trial, justice was achieved in the end as Shylock was rewarded for the debt