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Family and Education

Family can help us succeed in an exclusive education. They lead us and inspire us in the right direction. Even though we don’t let our family make decisions for us their experiences help. Families who support their children are very motivating. The way we are raised and how our family perceives morals and values plays an enormous part in ones education toward others and ourselves. Family provides us with a lifetime of education. As young children we were always told to look up to our elders, having no clue if what they were doing was right or wrong. As we get older we start figuring out what we know as right or wrong and we start feeling more comfortable with our own decisions. Before we can learn from our own life experiences we have to learn from our family. We are taught usually by our family’s mistakes and accomplishments; depending on how one feels about the experiences of our family members we decide to go in a similar or much different path. Family doesn’t necessarily teach us how to be successful in a school sense but more for life. Our behaviors and what we say or do are influenced by our values. Values influence the way we view the world, the decisions we make and ultimately our behavior itself. As said in an article written by Susan Stern “ Values are the family’s ideas on what is important and what is not.” Parents are the first teachers children have, children study their parents and learn what to do and what not to do. Which influences our thoughts and feelings about our own education. For example seeing your mother making it a priority to complete high school and move onto college might influence you to do the same because you want to feel just as accomplished. You can either follow or rebel against your family values, that is your decision. Family also