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Estelle Lazer made use of modern technology such as CT scans and X- rays, and updated the methods of Fiorelli by using translucent resin instead of plaster.

The work of archaeologists and conservationists has also been enhanced by the use of infra-red photography, 3D laser scan technology, spectrographic analysis, x-ray diffraction, electron microscopy, neutron activation analysis, high resolution digital cameras to create a three dimensional model, and sophisticated computer technology.

New technology had been incorporated holographic displays of bodies; may mean that bodies would not be directly displayed, with a likeness presented instead

New modern techniques such as DNA bone, dental and forensic analysis are now used more than ever before, as they are less intrusive and cause less damage to valuable objects than previous methods.

employing modern techniques such as bone analysis, MRI, x-ray scans and carbon dating. These new techniques have yielded accurate and precise information such as the age, sex and various ailments these people experienced while limiting any damage done towards them.

Since the 1960’s, new research and the arrival of computer-driven new technology, have changed the way archaeologists interpreted the evidence in P & H.
Many specialists now contribute to the study of archaeology, and lots of new interpretations have arisen as a result of their specialised knowledge.
Much archaeology is now carried out in the laboratory, as smaller pieces of material reveal their secrets: charcoal, pollen and other substances allow scientists to assist archaeologists in their findings.
The Applied Research Laboratory (opened in 1994) uses all kinds of specialists from many areas of research to study many different of samples from the area.

Digital technology is able to collect and store large tracts of information about the site, allowing researchers access to maps, plans and photos.
The Insula of Meander Project, started in 1978, was set up so that a team of researchers could make new conclusions on evidence previously examined by Maiuri.