Not Proven and New York City Essay

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Fernanda De Haro Period: 2 12 Angry Men 12\4\12 The movie takes place in New York City in a jury room during the hottest day of the year. A jury of 12 men is sent to begin the investigation in the first degree murder trial of an 18 year old kid who is accused of stabbing his father to the death. At first they only wanted to go home they did not have time to think it out, because of the defendants evidence that shows a knife he claimed to have lost is found at the murder scene; a woman close by the area of the crime scene says she saw him do it and an old man heard screaming and saw him flee the building instead it made it into something much more difficult to investigate. Eleven of the jurors instantly vote guilty. But one believes the kids not guilty. There are 12 jurors in the jury room and one of them is still convinced that the boy is not guilty and then later on the more detailed the juror makes more sense with this investigation. But one of the jurors wants everybody to agree guilty and since there in a stuffy room they just start arguing the investigation but then little by little they resolve each clue of every part of the kid’s story that makes more sense. Then every hour they vote and they start understanding the facts and the truth of what actually happened at the crime scene.

The conflict can start in a small room and so many things can happen, so many things can be said and the life of someone depends on them and him. Pride, jealousy, frustration emerge in this film, and it