Not Safe Movie Analysis

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Not Safe
By Nathan Huddleston
Directed By Nathan Huddleston
Written By Nathan Huddleston

{ Screen lighten up to a video of a car pulling up faced to the right, in front of a house. Next a man get out of the car and looks back at the car to get his stuff from the back. We then see a different view of him up close below the character, having the character from waist to the hair in the middle/ right of the screen. He then looks out to his house and we see the back view of him facing the house. Later the car skids off and the man starts walking to the house. Then we here a narrator.}
{Close up view}
"Back from the war. Like home has never changed as if it wanted to stay the same knowing that I was not.
{View inside the house then the man walks in}
"Nothing would prepare me for the way I would have to live with all the people I have never seen before. I didn't know how I would react to all the noises that would be made in the night while I sleep. But I could tell you, that I didn't like.
{View of him in bed, eyes opened, and starrying up at the ceiling. A noise of glass breaking goes and he gets up quickly and grabs the gun from the dresser and starts walking outside his room. Then starts speaking}
{Up close view}
{No one answers so he goes to the kitchen. He starts walking with the pose of an army man ready to strike his enemy.}
"... I know you can hear"
{ He then finds a glass on the ground and picks it up. Later more rustling goes so he turns and shoots. He realises he killed his cat and goes down while crying and pets it.}
{ Far view in the back}
"My pet "Chevy" have been living here for years living off of rats that have been infesting my house. I didn't she would still be here. Even though I never paid much attention to him, I was still sad."