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The Jungle is a one of a kind piece that tells the inside story like no other.

It depicts the events that went on in a meat packing factory leting the world know

Secrects of health dangers and truly unsanitized enviorment. In 1905 the time of immigration

was very common, many coming from other countries in search of finnacial sucsess. During this

time there was a a novalist reporter named Upton Sinclair who was under cover as a worker in

the factory were there were rumors of unsanitary actions going on. There was no actual

evidence of these actions being conducted. People becoming sick was being reported all of the

distric but with no clear truth of were the soure was coming from. While there Sincliar reported

extream signs of health distress with meat packing falling on a dirty floor, insects were all over

the place. Sasuge meat was found in an unpacked wrapping , rat droppings seen on multipal

machines , workers were seen with no gloves and some eving being grouned in the machines

along with animal parts and other way-werd items . This exposed the twisted corruption that

was going on in the factoy. Multipal factories were being put under investigation for the

corrupted events this opened the flood gates and because of Roosevelt’s response to the the

article he passe the law of the food and drug act which casue food and medicine to be examed

be being put on the market and set up feadarl inspections standards for meat . This demanded

sweeping reforms in the meat indusrty.

Unpton Beall Sinclair was a struggling young writer trying to find ways to reform and remake

the world. His article was at first ment to show as the animal rights protest of animal slaughter

house. At the age of 28 Sinclair did not have much of a name for him self as just a reporter he

did various works and pieces being that he was aginst animal cruality. During this time there

was also a lot of immigration going on at the time. Waves of people, Italian, Spanish, Mexican

and many more. All flocking to the immigration docking spot, Ellis Island being a young novalist

he researched pieces he belived would be top news but there was nothing. How ever there was

rumors of animals being used for cosmetic experiments that were supposed to go through the

market. With further investigation it was discoved that a meat packing factory was the alleged

soruce of this information. While digging around Sinclair discovered there was no health

inspection being done there which never aroused suspison before. Sincliar had been an over

night sensation after revialing The Jungle he caught the eyes of many whith this complleing

piece of work. This brought up many different topics of health dangers and certin procduers

that waere to be conducted in order to run a site like that. In the meatpacking distric familys

were getting sick of unknown cause from the contaminated meat of that factory which held

dozens of diseses and potential health risk. Upton Sincliar sought out find the truth and so he

did a piece to write about which in term locked him on to this he little voice in a harsh

community. There was no actual way of doing this kind of work because it demanded lots of

attention after making such an acusation he would need to fallow through with and put his