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Manuel Trigueros
Professor Maurer
Coun. 2 8:00- 9:25

1. What is my present situation? My present situation is that I need a more efficient way of taking notes. I just tend to copy everything that a professor writes on the board and don't write anything they say verbally. I feel like that holds me back from writing quick, fast, and readable notes.

2. How would l like my situation to be? My ideal situation is to know how to develop a note taking method that works for me. This will help me organize all my information on my notes and it will make my studying a lot easier. I know this will improve my grades because from my experience whenever I didn't take notes or they were just not well written, I didn't not score very high. So this is something I know this is something I really need to work on.

3. What are my possible choices?
Go to class prepared
Improve my listening skills
Develop a note taking method that works for me
Pay close attention to content
Review and edit my notes

4. What is the likely outcome of each possible choice?
If I go to class prepared I will not get distracted looking for paper, a pen, or ask someone to share a book.
This will help to very detailed and informative notes.
This will make it much easier to read and understand for when it is time to study.
I will be able to catch every important note that a professor mentions
This will lead to better studying and doing good on my quizzes and tests.

5. Which choice(s) will I commit to?
I will