Alexander The Great Empire

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Alexander-Empire Builder
I. Philip Builds Macedonian’s Power
N. Of Greece, had rough mountains and a cold climate
Lived in mountain villages rather than city-states
They thought they were Greeks. But Greeks looked down to them as uncivilized foreigner
a. Phillips army:
Phillip II became king of Macedonia. 23 yrs. old, brilliant general and ruthless politician
Transformed peasants into a well trained professional army. Organized into phalanx
Philips army was unbeatable so he was preparing to invade Greece
b. Conquest of Greece
The Athenian orator Demosthenes tried to warn the Greeks, and make them unify but the cities couldn’t agree on any policy
Athens and Thebes joined forces, but it was too late. Macedonians defeated Greeks at Chaeronea
Ended Greek’s freedom and independence, city-states retained self-government in local affairs, but Greece remained under the control of a succession of foreign power(1st Macedonia)
Philip planned to invade Persia but was murdered. His son Alexander immediately proclaimed King and bc of everything he accomplished during 13 yrs. He became known as “Alexander The Great”

II. Alexander Defeats Persia
20 yrs. but well-prepared by Aristotle’s teachings and inspired by Homer’s= kept Iliad on his pillow
As a young boy he was thought to use weapons, command troops and ride horses
Thebes(Greek City) tried to rebel=city destroyed, 6kppl killed= Others gave up idea of rebellion
a. Invasion of Persia
Philip decided to invade. Both forces met at the Granicus River, and instead of waiting for the Persians to make the first move, Macedonia attacked and smashed Persian defenses
Darius III vowed to crush Macedonia; he raised an army b/w 50/75k to face the Macedonians near Issues. Realizing he was outnumbered (Alexander) he ordered his finest troops to break through a weak point in the Persian Lanes = King fled, and army panicked =Alexander control over Anatolia
b. Alexander’s Ambitions Grow
Darius tried to negotiate a peace settlement, and give up the western third of the empire = Alexander rejected and said he was going to conquer the entire Persian Empire
Alexander marched into Egypt (Persian Territory) and was crowned Pharaoh. Founded Alexandria
c. Conquering the Persian Empire
Alexander moved East into Mesopotamia to confront Darius, both collided at Gaugamela but as the Persian lines crumbled, Darius