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Global Woman
• GN/GS o Metaphor for relationship between the sexes
• The North of the South= 1%
• The South of the North= Extreme poverty
• MethodologyParticipant observation
Global Studies
• Demographers-scholars and practitioners who study population and its impact on society
• Fertility VS Mortality
• Natural increase- birth rate- death rate o Decrease in death rate-health care, better living conditions (food and water, pull factor)
• Replacement Levels- the level that needs to be maintained to ensure that a population replaces itself
• Demographic Transition- a theory or model that links industrial development with declining fertility. Industrial development=low population growth. o What factors contribute to this? (dec. BR and dec. DR) o Urbanization- the incresase in the urban portion of the total population.
• Migration- human movement from on place to another o Migrants o Push-Pull Factors- forces that drive people away from a place (push) and pull them to a new one o Remit/Remittances- money sent home by workers employed in another country
• Consumption- will be addressed in discussion on globe’s environment
Bretton Wood (1944) Provided Loans to Rebuild European countries after WWII IMF- International Monetary Fund World Bank GATT→1995 WTO 1970’s
Started giving loans under certain conditions and to developing countries
1. Oil Crisis
a. OPEC Embargo
2. End of Gold Standard
3. Stock Market Crash (1973)
Restructure economy to allow countries to be better able to pay their debts
1. Channel more of the nations resources and economic activity to debt repayment
2. Embedded in neoliberal economics (Free trade, no government intervention)
Aims of neoliberalism
1. Eliminate state intervention in economy
2. Create unfettered markets, free trade (allow businesses to work with no regulations)
3. Private property…