Graphs: Change In Revenue For Past Five Years

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Change in revenue for past 5 years
Revenue by continents
Revenue by product
Share price chart

Financial analysis/ ratios:
Look at 2013, 2014, q1 2015? Compare to industry.

Swot analysis:

S- strengths:
Customer loyalty/ brand loyalty
Inhouse: create their own hardware, software, service those products, etc. Everything you need in one place.
Leading innovator
Strong sales/ proven financial strength
Great reputation
Brand image
Low cost of advertising but high sales
Retail stores/ service centers
Products work together well across product line

W- weaknesses:
High price
Luxury product/ hit during recession?
Decreasing market share
Patent infringement lawsuits
Management changes
Slow to release products compared to competitors, ONCE A YEAR

O- Opportunities:
High demand worldwide for all products (usually backordered demand is so high)
Apple streaming tv (like Netflix, hulu)
Apple streaming music like Pandora
Growing market for smartphones/ tablets especially in upcoming generations/ (young people)
Mobile advertising market
Cloud based services

T- Threats:
Changing market/demand
Keeping up with new products/ innovations of competitors who release products more often.
Reliance on outsourcing for manufacturing. War, tariffs, laws can effect productions.
Recession, since “luxury” product
Android growth
Growing online music market, Pandora, spotify, etc.
Bootleg music instead of buying from itunes.
Lower priced substitutes easily available
Cannibalism: with ipad reducing mac sales, or iphone reducing ipod sales etc. **** better to cannibalise yourself than wait for someone else to do it since they will!

Porters five forces:
Intensity of rivalry within the industry: HIGH
High! But they have brand loyalty, offer superior customer support/ service center/ assistance.
Superior quality products -Bargaining suppliers power: MEDIUM
Apple diversify its risk by shifting some production elsewhere, and can always go to another supplier if needed.
A lot of apple is in house besides the manufacturing so the biggest threat is manufacturing which can be delt with.

Bargaining power of buyers: HIGH & LOW
High if general market: can easily switch to cheaper competitor