Notes for Child Care Essay

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Support children and young people’s health and safety
CYP 3.4
Everyone is an individual and may have particular needs. It is important to include safety in planning. * Every child is an individual- when planning activities, it is important to consider the different needs depending on the age and abilities. * Some children with specific impairments need to be thought about when planning. * Different needs of families and carers must be considered. * Be clear about why you are using the environment in question. * Duty of care of a setting to children, parents and carers is a legal obligation. Child’s safety and welfare must be thought of when planning. * Desired outcomes for children and young people at starting point. Activities should have clear aims and objectives that required for the outcomes linked to their age. * Lines of responsibility and accountability, everyone at the setting are responsible for the health and safety of children and staff.
There should be clear policies and procedures about health and safety in all settings. All rooms and equipment must be checked to ensure everything is working. It is a managers duty to make sure health and safety checks are carried out. Almost every setting has visitors on most days, it must be ensured that they are not exposed to any hazardous objects that could injure them or cause an illness. It is important that they follow safety guidelines to protect children or young people in