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NPV Irr a bunch of finance terms so this website lets me use this shit in peace.
b. Humor – to bring relief to the world or to make it a lighter place to be. This is somewhat contrarian to what many people may say is an important virtue but I am a strong believer in humor. I feel as though if you can keep things light and humorous, you have a better time doing something (especially when that something is unpleasant) and you are better at doing that particular thing. So when you are working on a time consuming project that is unfulfilling and you find humor in the situation or maybe with your coworkers then the project is more enjoyable and you will do a better job of working together to finish the project. If we didn’t have humor than the world would be a very unpleasant place.
c. Ambition – striving for loftier goals than the basic ones and to have the control to stay focused said goals. Ambition is what has helped many admirable people succeed at the highest level. When you are focused on a lofty goal, you are just overall more successful in what you do. The notion of “shoot for the moon so if you don’t make it you will be amongst the stars” is very true here. Being self-motivated to accomplish your goals will get you somewhere in life, even when it is not what you set out for in the beginning. Say you set out to become CEO of a company so you learn the ins and outs of the company and work hard. You may not be CEO material but your knowledge and hard work can’t be ignored so you may be put into a management position. The ambition you had is what got you there.
d. Responsibility – to do what you can do to make sure that things are…