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At the place of my chosen work experience I discussed the statutory and contractual requirements with my manager.


Statutory rights are contracts which have to be in the employment contract and they are laws passed by the government which give businesses minimum requirements and standard guidelines for employing someone.

Due to health and safety legislation the business made sure that all new employees received first aid training in case of an incident in the gym or studio area they would be able to take until more qualified assessors were at the scene e.g. the ambulance.

Health and safety legislation also includes… • Make arrangements for implementing the health and safety measures identified as necessary by risk assessments • Monitor and review those arrangements • Appoint people with sufficient knowledge, skills, experience and training to help them to implement these arrangements • Set up emergency procedures and provide information about them to employees • Provide clear information, supervision and training for employees and ensure that suitably competent people are appointed who are capable of carrying out the tasks entrusted to them • Work together with any other employer(s) operating from the same workplace, sharing information on the risks that other staff may be exposed to, e.g. cleaning, catering or maintenance contractors • Take particular account of risks to new and expectant mothers.

All the new employees before they were allowed to come in and work they do an enrolment day where the employees come in and do drills of health and safety around the building. The owner made sure that the new employees were very thorough ion any of the drills they did so that the highest standard of health and safety is offered to the employees and to both the gym members.

There was a also a set minimum wage for the employees and hopeful employees who came for the interviews so that whatever role you do in the workplace you are sure to receive minimum wage as a statutory right. The legal minimum wage is £6.08 for people who are over the age of 21. In the country of UK but in other countries it may differ. The gym owner was required to pay people who went on holiday. This is a statutory right by itself but the owner told me that they don’t offer more than the law so it’s right on the guidelines and the owner said he’s the one who decides whether they can go on holiday or not. You are entitled to a minimum of 5 to 6 weeks paid annual leave and 28 days for someone working five days a week. Bank and public holidays can be included in your minimum entitlement. You continue to be entitled to your holiday leave throughout your ordinary and additional maternity leave and paternity and adoption leave.

As I sat in the interview room with the owner of the gym it was made very clear that there was no discrimination in the workplace in the workplace and that it if any was used in the gym there would be severe punishments. The anti discrimination law tells the business owner that they cannot discriminate someone who is trying to get a job for example because of their: skin colour, race, different countries, shape, deformity which does not affect them lifting heavy equipment (face deformity etc...)


Contractual requirements are contracts which are drawn up by both the employee and also the manager where they come to an agreement.

The owner of the gym made it clear that there was a commission rate for the amount of member each employee brings into the gym no matter family or friend. The owner gave the employees limited freedom when it came to choosing the contractual terms of the employees. The employees were allowed to decide what hours they wanted to work in the gym. The employees also had the freedom to decide whether they wanted holiday breaks or not as the owner usually takes an annual holiday abroad. The employees were also given the choice of using the