Notes On Civilization

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Colonization(definition: see photo)
england: empire

relationship between india and Britain colony providie raw material how religious and racial facilate colonization?

A."civilization"mission why Colony is justified at that time

regard their continent as the most advanced and aggressive continent the duty of going to other countries less advanced

europe is full of science; other continents full of suspicious ' the advancement of military and medical science -----high level of civilization western can lead the society most extreme

different definition of "civilization" beweteen past and right now

excuses reggarding colony related with science and technological __??

religious: Christiian missionary major goal : 1.conversion people to christians 2.teach the natives the western lifestyle science and technology is indicator is supreme religion

quote in notes"we can.. upset the whole theology of the Hindu by pedicuring an eclipse"-----the belief is the effect of western world the natives see it, create respect discovered by western physolophers- these types knowledge has been known before it was thought that it originated from western world technology can help the conversion process

c. Attitudes toward time, work and nature mechanical clock -- mechanize time- move away nature toward technology- equal day and night(how time: to delegate) increasingly used in manufatrueer by industrialization, the idea of living by clock-- highly civilization living by not clock, second, time - less civilization- also coz its not work as eupeans- lazy, take a nap, less timely- less civilization

nature: growing poplularity- nature is sth to be controlled, manipulated human have every right to control the nature this idea is rejected in other non-western countries-these countries do not want to manipulate these nature resources- be seen the lowest society colony can't control their nature resources- their resources need to be taken care of

Oil-----precious resources- many countries do not how to deal with these resources- other countries need take control of resources

colonization- maintain as well why technology is important to build empire military technolohgy railway buildijg-especily in colony
e.g: india(construction of railway)---building an empire doesn't mean make profits on project itself
1.far more unsafe task(unsafe work condition);
2.expensive for colonies, hard to find investors- to attract the investors-promise any investor a granutee rate of return(even project lose money, investors still get money)-techs pair???

goal play- make project far more expensive than it has to be if britain rely heavily on raw material from colony, result- colony