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Construction Project

You are invited to submit a “tender bid” to win a contract to build the Maths and ICT faculty wing of the new Academy.

You will be in direct competition against other companies to win the award of the contract.

The winning company will be judged on the quality of the bid, and being able to provide clear explanations as to why they selected certain sub-contractors.

The project is broken down into 5 phases:

Phase 1: Virtual Company formation Identification & allocation or team roles Preparation of Groundwork package
Phase 2: Preparation of Steel work & Floor planks package
Phase 3: Preparation of Brickwork, Block work, windows & doors package
Phase 4: Preparation of Roofing package
Phase 5: Preparation of overall tender Submission & presentation of bid Award of contract

Phase one;

Team Workers can adapt behaviour to suit different roles

In Pairs begin to form your company.

Company formation:
In order to carry out this project you must first decide the following:

Company Name

Your company is a Construction Management business. You do not actually build anything yourself, “you manage a contract to build”. You appoint other firms to actually build the building for you.

Allocation of roles:

Lead Quantity Surveyor (Carry out the project work but also to make sure the work gets done)
Quantity Surveyors – carry out the project work
Building Manager – carry out project work but also to make sure that the different packages are brought together
Commercial Manager – carry out project work but with a focus on the business choices.

Phase one;

Effective participants can propose practical ways forward, breaking these down into manageable steps.
Groundwork Package:
You must calculate the volume of earth that must be excavated for the building to be built and the volume of concrete that must be poured to create the floor slab. Using the “bill of rates” you must calculate a “book” cost for this work. You will then choose a sub-contractor to carry out this work giving you the best deal in terms of price, reputation and environmental issues. There are a number of tasks that must be completed in order to complete this package:
Measurement of the footprint of the building:
Using the architect plans measure the area of land that the building will sit on.
Find out from the scale of the plans and how to convert the plan measurements to actual measurements.
Measure the volume of earth to be excavated:
300mm of earth must be excavated.
Using the footprint area you have calculated determine the volume of earth to be excavated.

To create the floor slab, concrete will be poured into the excavated footprint. How much concrete will you need?
The depth of concrete required to form the floor slab is 250mm.
Using the footprint area & concrete depth calculate the volume of concrete required.
Concrete is supplied in delivery trucks; each truck carries 6m³ of concrete. Calculate how many trucks you will need to order.

Groundwork’s sub-contractors

Firm 1: Diggers-R-US

This firm are based in Kettering. Their fee does not include disposal of the earth, it will be left on site. This is a more environmentally friendly option but your site is very tight for space, this may prove to be a problem later on in construction. You have not used them before and they have not got a good reputation for reliability, but have recently undergone new management. The new Managing Director went to this school and is keen to get the contract.”

Firm 2: BIG-dig Civils

“Based in Nottingham this is a large firm with a proven track record of completing jobs on time and in budget, their reputation is one where there is no risk of the job going wrong with them. They charge £25 m³ to excavate the earth and £33 m³ for the concrete slab. Their fee includes removal of all earth excavations from the site. This firm has established itself as