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Notes on Debate
First question Libya: controversy there, what happened, what caused it, was it a policy failure * Romney : Area of great concern, complete change in structure, Arab spring, opportunity for women, disturbing events, Libya being attacked by terrorists , 4 people dead, Mali taken over, Iran 4 yrs. closer to nuclear weapon, needs to reject radical extremists, threat to the world, * Obama: Ended war on Iraq, al-Qaida less, afghan. More security, more alliances, Libya he made sure that he could secure Americans, he would go after those who killed Americans, step back what happened in Libya, got to liberate country , despite of tragedy say that America is their friend. Romney’s strategy not safe * Romney: Plan is to get Muslim world to get rid of extremists a lone, but help Muslim world, Libya making progress, wants to see progress, * President: Romney said Russia biggest threat, more troops in Iraq (Romney) , all of his opinions wrong, shouldn’t have timeline in Afghanistan then have , Says not a recipe to keep America safe * Romney: Says not accurate, Russia is a geo political full , Iraq (controversial) * Obama: Said that Romney needs to be clear, Israel supporter, protect religious minority and women, develop economic capability, can’t continue nation building Second question: should we reassess our policies: * Obama: made sure isolated, in Syria heartbreaking, need to make sure that who to pick as allies, * Romney : 30k died by Gov. in Syria, Iran’s only ally, Syria is critical, Responsible parties in Syria for a form of counsel, make sure to give them arms to defend themselves, said America needs to play leadership role * Obama: says they are. Make sure that the ones they help are their friends, got to stop massacre, killed gadarfie in a careful certain way, * Romney: doesn’t want military in Libya , wants to replace Assad, make them armed, \ * Obama: doing exactly what they should be doing, effective transition,
Third question: Egypt * Obama: not a mistake, said that now that they have a democratic Gov., wants to protect minorities, give education for women, keep rules with Israel, help them with their economy, what would make them successful rebuild their economy, have to do things here at home as well, we neglected helping our own economy * Romney: no would not stick with Egypt leader, what mission should be is to have a peaceful planet, to not be at war, we need to be strong, we have 42 allies,
What is America’s role in the world? * R: promote principles to peaceful world, wants to end conflicts, America must be strong and lead, strengthen here at home, need to strengthen the military, stand by our allies, * O: world needs to be strong, stronger now that he took office, refocus on alliances, position ourselves to rebuild America, create jobs, best education in the world, doing everything we can for self-sufficiency, reduce deficit, do it in responsible way , invest in technology , R raised reckless policies * R: economy knows what to do, 5 step plan , energy independence, increase trade, training programs/schools,